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Nissim J. Baly

At the time growing up in a record store seemed more like fun than an education. Nissim J. Baly, was raised in the family business of music retail. His parents opened a latin record store in the late 70’s offering everything from batteries to blenders, and cassettes to LP’s.

“8-tracks and greeting cards too”. “My mom gave me my 1st job. I must have been 6 or 7 when I went to work and helped open the store one Sunday morning.”

As Nissim recalls he was in charge of hosing down the front sidewalk and prepping the sound system outside that would ultimately drive in the customers. From his father, many retail theories were learned. An enormous amount of grassroots marketing ideas were tested and failed. A wealth of many other crazy ideas were proven and then fine tuned.

By the time Baly was in high school he began tinkering with the idea of starting his own record label. Not the kind that finds the “best new artist” type of label but a concept driven label that released compilations based on the “education” learned from the many years of working at his folks record shop. The type of label that included the sound and tracks that most people were attracted to. Album titles mattered. Art work mattered.

“Customers ask for the darnedest things…special songs for special occasions.” “We didn’t have Spotify, we couldn’t always pin point the actual song of interest on a full album.”

For example, customers would come in and ask for a particular song for a Mexican Wedding…perhaps they had a list of songs that they needed for their weddings. After many years of the same requests, Baly wondered if contracting a band to record such songs and release it under a simple title “Music for a Mexican Wedding” would be succeful. Jackpot. 20 years later with a catalog of over 4000 sound recordings Baly continues to capitalize on his catalog of concept driven releases.

Today his latin music catalog is available everywhere music is consumed. You can find it available overhead at a restaurant, as downloads, or streams, on iTunes, or Spotify including Pandora. Many tracks have also been featured on television, and featured films.

“The music business has changed. People may consume music differently but it is more popular now than ever. Today I still wake up and ‘hose off’ the side walk, and prep the sounds that will ultimately drive in customers to our music….except the sidewalk is my computer and I’m ‘prepping’ catchy playlists and new releases online.”

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